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Feng Dequan, the father of early childhood education in China, joins hands with Youxiang Group
On March 12, 2021, on the Arbor Day, Mr. Xiao Xiongliang, Chairman of Youxiang Group, led the backbone of the group to visit the home of Professor Feng Dequan, the father of contemporary early childhood education in China. During this visit, Youxiang Group and Professor Feng reached a strategic cooperation with the Feng-style early education brand and Feng-style early education research and development results, and invited Professor Feng to serve as the Chief Product Officer and Chief Brand Officer of Youxiang Group.

Deng Dequan, the well-known father of contemporary early childhood education in China, is now 86 years old. In the first 20 years, Professor Feng served as a primary school teacher, principal, middle school teaching director, and also served as the Board of Education Committee and Teaching Researcher of the Education Bureau. Later, he established the Early Education Research Institute at Hubei University. Professor Feng has been focusing on early education research for more than 40 years; Highly recognized and recommended by authoritative institutions and celebrities such as the National Science and Technology Commission, Guangming Daily, the United Nations, sociologist Fei Xiaotong, educator Yu Guangyuan, famous scientist Qian Xuesen, and well-known Japanese entrepreneur early educator Jing Shenda.
Youxiang Group, the leading domestic cultural and creative group company. It has the popular brands of the stationery, such as, Mprince, MBLogic, and Nanguoshuxiang.
This interview between Youxiang Group and Professor Feng is the inheritance of China's early education career, and it is also the starting point for the research on China's early education theory to achieve productization, popularization like foreign early education theory systems. With the support of Youxiang Group's strong product power and marketing power, China's early childhood education products and Feng-style early education will surely enjoy a national and even global reputation!

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