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Wholesale 36 colors watercolor marker pens school stationery paint marker pens for painting
The watercolor marker pens is with high quality and wonderful colors, then you can use it for the painting and drawing. With the 36 colors marker pens, so you can easily draw a picture and photo without effort.

Following are the wonderful features of the 36 watercolors marker pen:
1. The 36 watercolors marker pens can help the painters and artists for wonderful painting.
2. The marker pens is non-toxic, which is very safe and eco-friendly.
3. The 36 watercolors marker pens is a wonderful gift for the special days, like the christmas day, Thanksgiving day and so on.
4. The marker pens is fit for the kids, students, families, artists, painters, artists.
5. The colored marker pen can help the people who like the animation, painting, sketching and drawing.
6. The watercolor painting marker pen is odorless and non-toxic, so the people can use it for the illustrations, architectural drawings, graffiti, and so on.
The acrylic maker pens for painting are 100% safe, so you can use the marker pens for vivid painting and drawing.
If you want to learn more information, please feel free to visit https://www.huaxiangstationery.com/products/6/141.html.

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