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Three-dimensional seal for primary school students kids teaching seal for correcting characters
The hexahedral teaching seal is suitable for the primary school students, which is very small and portable for helping the students’ learning and studying.

This hexahedral teaching seal has six characteristics as follows:
1. This teaching seal has adopted the magic structure, which has six features for learning.
2. The hexahedral teaching seal is not very easy to fade, and the printing is very clean to see.
3. The teaching seal can be used repeatedly, and it can be dry quickly after printing.
4. The hexahedral teaching seal is very easy to correct the wrong words, includes the Tianzi ge, Mizi ge, Pinyin, Alarm clock, English case and blank space.
5. The teaching seal is just a wonderful reading helper for the little students, which is very convenient for learning the PinYin, English, character, clock and so on.
6. The hexahedral teaching seal is small and exquisite, odorless and non-toxic.
Small and exquisite, no odor, easy to carry; have the field word lattice, rice word grid, etc., very powerful function, convenient correction and modification, need not change in place, children like it very much.
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