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This Ushare book reading stand or reading book holder holds the thick books (Cat Shape)
This ushare book reading stand or reading book holder is with the catp shape, which is very easy to carrry to anywhere as you like. Not only can hold the thin books, but also can clip the thick books.
Following are the characteristics of the book reading stand or reading book holder:
1. It can hold the thick heavey books, like the Bible.
2. It can clip as thick as 0-2.8 in, arranging from the small thin books to the big thick books, such as, the textbooks, cookbooks, magazines,music scores, lawbooks, medical books and also for the mobile phones, ipad or laptops and so on.
3. The book stand holder is based on the cat shape design, which has obtained the national appearance patent technology.
4. It is suitable for the families, shcools, offices, dormitories, kitchens, etc..
5. This book stand holder is made of thick ABS plastic, durable, and can be stored in the bakpack and used anytime, anywhere.
6. You can adjust the reading from 0 to 180 degrees, which will keep the eye sight and the neck.
In general, this book reading stand or reading book holder is just suitable for the book lovers, which has got much attention from the people around the world. 

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