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This pencil grip is just a writing aids for the children’s handwriting
Do you know any unpleasant consequences of wrong grip posture? Give your child more care. 
The features and characrteristics of the pencil grips are as follows:
1. This pencil grip is just a writing aids for the children’s handwriting, easy to use.
2. This multi-purpose pencil grip is created for children, cultivate the children’s interest in writing, and stimulate their writing talent.
3. The unique cute shape design, deeply loved by kids, which has obtained the national patented technology.
4. The pencil grips can be used by righties and lefties.
5. The pencil grip is made of ultra-soft material, durable and comfortable.
6.  The wrong postures can induce the myopia, amblyopia, strabismus, humpback, writing cocoon and so on.
7. The pencil grip can help to correct the wrong postures of the children’s handwring. 
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