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The translucent frosted A4 file bag for office waterproof zip file folders for school office
The A4 document & file bag is waterproof and dust-proof, which is made of plastic material, so it’s very easy to clean and take to the place as you like. The file document storage can hold the stationery and cosmetics. 

The following are some wonderful features of the A4 file bag or file folders:
1. The translucent A4 file bag can hold the documents, stationery, cosmetics and so on.
2. The plastic file folder is made of plastic materials, which can be a must-have stationery holder.
3. The plastic bag is suitable for the students, teachers, and office workers.
4. The frosted A4 file bag is non-toxic and odorless, which is very transparent, colourless material.
5. The A4 file folder is waterproof and dust-proof, which can help you to place the things in it.
6. The translucent file bags has two colors, light blue and pink colors.
In conclusion, the translucent A4 file bag or plastic file folder is versatile, which can keep the things in order and reduce the mess.
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