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The simple style pencil grip has taken the ergonomic design handwriting pencil grips for kids
The pencil grip for kids is very easy to use, because it use the very soft silicone rubber for holding the pens and pencils. The pen and pencil grip can fit the different needs of the students and kids.

The ergonomic pen pencil grips have some wonderful features as follows:
1. The pen pencil grips is made of food silicone, which is very soft and easy to clean.
2. The pencil grips is suitable for the kids and students at handwriting and painting.
3. The ergonomic pencil grip has adopoted the simple style, which has already got the national patent rights.
4. The pencil grip for kid is made of plastic, which can be used for a very long time.
5. The silicone pen pencil grip has taken five fingers’ positions, so it can correct the writing postures of the students and kids.
6. The pen pencil grip has the beautiful colors, like the blue, purple, green and pink.
This pen pencil grips can guide the students and kids for correcting the writing postures.
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