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The silicone rubber pencil grips for kids with bird shape can correct the postures of writings
The pencil grip is made of silicone rubber for handwriting, which is available for the right and left hands. The pencil grips cannot only correct the writing postures for children and students.

How many features of the ergonomic pencil grips with the bird shape?
1. The pen pencil grips is made of silicone, soft and non-toxic, which is very safe and comfortable.
2. The pencil grip is fit for the pencils, pens, and so on.
3. The silicone rubber pencil grip is designed for the right-handed and left-handed.
4. The pencil grips is benefit for the adults and children, which is just a posture correction tool for improving the handwriting.
5. The ergonomic pencil grip can prevent the fingers from winding.
6. The pen pencil grips for handwriting are durable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly.
The ergonomic pencil grip can be easy to induce the easy to induce myopia, amblyopia, strabismus, Humpback, writing cocoon.
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