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The portable and foldable table desktop vacuum cleaner for home, car and hotel
The portable desktop vacuum cleaner is made of plastic, Non-toxic and tasteless. The multi-function desktop vacuum cleaner is easy to operate, which is suitable for the students and elderly people.

The desktop vacuum cleaner has so many wonderful features as follows:
1. The desktop vacuum cleaner has many beautiful colors, like the white, blue and pink.
2. The portable vacuum cleaner is made of ABS material.
3. The multi-function vacuum cleaner can be applied in the car, hotel, commercial and household.
4. The foldable desktop vacuum cleaner is battery operated.
5. The desktop vacuum cleaner is suitable for the students and teachers.
6. The portable vacuum cleaner can sweep the dust and easily sweep the chips anytime and anywhere.
7. The multi-function vacuum cleaner support customize.
8. The desktop vacuum cleaner is used in the home, restaurant, bar, hotel and wedding and so on.
The desktop vacuum cleaner can clean the rubber crumb, cigerette scraps, cookie crumbs, seasoning and so on.
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