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The hexahedron structure teaching stamps teacher seal for school classroom stamp
The teaching stamps has six-sided three-dimensional structures, so it can suitable for the teaching and studying, which is made of plastic materials. So the hexahedron teaching stamp is exquisite and very easy to carry.

Lets introduce some features of the hexahedron structure teacher seal for school and classroom as follows:
1. The hexahedron structure teaching stamp has six sides, so just one stamp is equal to six stamps.
2. The teacher seal for school and classroom has six functions, like the Mizige, English case, blank space, Pinyin, alarm clock and Tian Zige.
3. This hexahedron teaching stamp is suitable for the primary school.
4. The marks is very clear, bright, exquisite and so on.
5. This ink water has used the water soluble material, which can be wiped very easily.
6. And you can add the ink water very simple and use it very repeatedly.
In summary, this hexahedron teaching stamp is small in size and very easy to carry. This teacher seal for school and classroom can be used conveniently.
If you want to learn more information about the hexahedron teaching stamp, you can feel free to visit https://www.huaxiangstationery.com/products/23/21/170.html.

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