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The book stand holder book-shape book reading stand holder can hold thick books and devices
The book reading stand holder is multifunctional, it can not only hold the books, but also it can hold the devices. The book stand holder has the book shape, which has obtained the national patented technology.

The book reading stand holder has many wonderful advantages as follows: 
1. The book stand holder can be applied in the school, office, library, home, and so on.
2. The book reading stand holder can not only hold the thick books, and also can hold the thin books, such as, the magazines, textbooks, bibles, law books, medical books, etc..
3. The book stand is suitable for the students, teachers, officers, and families.
4. The book holder is portable and foldable, which can be folded and put into the bags, and then taken to anywhere as you like.
5. The book reading stand holder can clip the 2.8 inch thick books, which can use the upgraded big clips.
6. The book stand holder can adjust 0-180 degrees, so that it can adjust the different angles to hold the books and devices.
This book reading stand holder with book-shape includes the two bigger clips and two smaller clips. The book stand holder can also support the iphone, ipad, smart phones.
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