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The book-shape thin recipe magazine book stand portable foldable book reading stand holder
The book reading stand holder is made of ABS material, which is non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. The book stand holder has wide applications, such as, the home, school, office, kitchen and so on. 
The book stand holder has some wonderful features:
1. The book reading stand holder can make the life easier, which can make the reading and studying conveniently.
2. The book stand holder can be applied in the school, home, office and families.
3. The portable book stand has taken the ABDS durable material, which is very strong and sturdy.
4. The foldable book holder can adjust the angles of reading the books and devices, like the magazines, textbooks, law books, medical books, mobile phones, ipads, kindles and so on.
5. The portable book stand is lightweight, which is foldable and portable, easy to carry.
6. The book reading stand is very easy to use, which can rotated 360 degrees.
Generally speaking, this book reading stand holder is just a wonderful gift for kids, students, and families.
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