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The book reading stand holder with cat shape supports the thick books as thick as 0-2.8in
Sometimes, you have bought a thick books, but you found the before book stands cannot hold it anymore. How to solve this problem? Our this book stand can hold the thick books, which can totally satisfy your needs.

Let’s see the advantages of this wonderful book reading stand holder as follows:
1. The book stand holder can clip the thick book as thick as 0-2.8in, like the bible, medical books, law books, cookbooks, music sheet, textbook, magazines and so on.
2. Also the book reading stand can support the devices, such as the mobile phones, tablets, ipad etc..
3. If you want to do the cooking and see the recipe at the same time, this book reading stand holder is just the right choice for you.
4. This book stand can not only free your hands, but also can achieve one-handed flipping the pages.
5. If you want to go outside, this book reading stand is foldable and portable, which can be folded and put into your bag easily.
6. The book stand can support 180 degree adjustable angle, which can enable the readers at a very comfortable angle to read the books.
This book reading stand holder is fit for the students, office workers, families and so on. It can support the thin and thick books at the same time, if you just buy one, you can not change the book stand if you have the thin or thick books later, which can save you a lot of money and benefit you a lot. And also this book stand can be used in the kitchen, bed, school, room, and in the outside environment, like camping, travelling, on business and so on.
This book reading stand also can be with a lamp to use during the dark night, you can read the books even in the late evenings. This light is not expensive, the price is very reasonable. 3 AAA batteries or USB powered (cannot USB charge, no battery included), double poles with individual controls, four lighting modes with warm white light, anti-slip clamp to fix on books, desk, the reading stand,etc.. You can not only clip the light on the book stands, but also can move it for personal use, like the computer, laptop, desk, bed, Piano frame, books, and so on. It’s very convenient to use in anywhere as you like.

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