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The automatic pencil sharpener USB charger for small children painting and drawing
The automatic pencil sharpener is suitable for the students, Junior middle school student, senior high school student, college students or above and so on.

There are so many advantages of the automatic pencil sharpener as follows:
1. The automatic pencil sharpener can sharpen the round pencils, circle angles, triangles, hexagons etc..
2. The pencil sharpener is suitable for the diameter 6-8mm pencils and colored pencils.
3. The automatic pencil sharpener has wonderful shapes, which has attracted many students and kids attentions.
4. According to the different needs of the pencils, there are three grids to sharpen the pencils, like the pointed and flat ones.
5. Just two steps, one put and one take, which just needs 8 seconds to take the sharpened pencils.
6. The automatic pencil sharpener has simple style, fine process, and high qualtiy. 

The auto stop feature can prevent the automatic pencil sharpener from being used to avoid hurting if the lid is opened.
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