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The adjustable portable bamboo wooden book stand holder lightweight book reading stand holder
The book stand holder is made of 100% bamboo wood, which is just perfect for the reading and studying. This adjustable bamboo wooden book reading stand holder is multi-function, which is stable and sturdy.

Lets see the features of the bamboo wooden book reading stand holder as follows:
1. The bamboo book reading stand holder is ideal for different sizes and style books, such as, the magazines, music sheet, law books, medical books, textbooks, and so on.
2. The book stand holder can also support the devices, like the mobile phones, ipads, tablets, etc..
3. The bamboo book stand is fit for the home, school, office, library, dorm, etc..
4. The book holder bamboo wood support 6 different angles, which can support the different position of reading and studying.
5. The book stand is made of high quality bamboo, so it’s very easy to clean and make tidy.
6. The bamboo book stand holder is flexible.
This bamboo book reading stand holder or book stand holder can prevent the fatigue or pain of the neck, which can also avoid the fatigue of the eyes.
If you want to learn more information, please feel free to visit https://www.huaxiangstationery.com/products/9/13/107.html.


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