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Sitting posture orthosis corrector series 360 degree rotating base front installation Guardrail
The sitting posture corrector series can be fixed onto the table, which can help the students and kids to correct the writing and reading postures. It’s the lock-table style.
How many wonderful advantages of the sitting posture orthosis corrector as follows?
1. The sitting posture orthosis corrector can protect the children from learning like a giraffe.
2. The sitting posture corrector is adjustable, which can adjust from 70 to 180 degrees.
3. The sitting posture corrector can be good for the writing, drawing, reading, and so on.
4. The sitting posture corrector is no screws needed, which is very easy to clamp the table.
5. The sitting posture corrector can clipped the tables, which is arranging from 5mm to 47mm.
6. The sitting posture corrector can help the students and kids from myopia and hunchback.
In general, the sitting posture corrector is one of the most popular products which can be used in the classrooms. The sitting posture corrector can improve the children’s bad sitting reading posture in the near future.
So if you want to learn more information about the sitting posture corrector, then you can feel free to visit https://www.huaxiangstationery.com/products/3/69.html.


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