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Portable Bamboo Wood Cooking Book Stand Holder for Books, Ipad, iPhone, Kindle
Portable Bamboo Wood Cooking Book Stand Holder for Books, Ipad, iPhone, Kindle  
The portable bamboo book stand holder for reading is just a wonderful gift for the people who love reading, cooking, studying, playing etc.. The book stand holder can hold the books and devices, like the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, tablets and so on.

What’re the advantages of the portable bamboo book stand holder for reading and studying?
1. The bamboo book stand holder is made of 100% natural bamboo wood, which is firm, hard and durable.
  • The Portable Bamboo Wood Cooking Book Stand Holder can be used in many situations, such as, the classrooms, kitchen, bed, library, dorms, meeting rooms, living room, office, dining room, and so on.
  • The book stand holder can clip not only the books, but also the devices, like the magazines, bible, reading books, cookbook, documents, music sheet, recipes, and the mobile phone, laptop, kindle, ipad, tablets and so on.
  • The bamboo book stand holder can be used in the kitchen, especially when the housewife is doing cooking in the kitchen and cannot find a place to locate the recipes and cookbooks. By using this bamboo wood book stand holder, the problem can be easily solved. The housewife can do cooking, and see the recipes or cookbooks at the same time.
  • Because the book stand holder is made of bamboo wood, it’s very easy to clean and wipe out.
  • It can support to adjust the height of 0-180 degrees, which can provide the comfortable and suitable reading angles for the different readers.
  • The book stand holder has three sizes, small, medium, large, which can provide a wide choice for the bamboo lovers.
  • The most different and important is that it can adjust to 6 angles, which can allow the proper postures for better spinal health. The book stand holder can eliminate the eyes, neck, back and shoulder fatigue or pain, meanwhile, which can increase the readers’ concentration and reading hours.
Generally speaking, the bamboo book stand holder can keep the books from scratching. No more worries about books falling off and getting damaged when you use this reading book stand holder.

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