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Popular Food grade Silicone Rubber Pencil Pen Grip for Kids to Correct Postures and Handwriting
The popular Food grade Silicone Rubber Pen Pencil Grip can help the Kids to Correct Postures and Handwriting. The pen pencil grip for kids is available for right-handed and left-handed, which can meet much more people’s needs.

What’re the advantages of this pencil grip? Let’s see the features together as follows.

1. The pencil grip is made of high quality silicone, which is more soft and comfortable, non-toxic, durable and environmentally friendly.
2. This pencil grip is just a wonderful gift, because it’s not only suitable for the children, but also for the adults. It’s just a great gift for the son, daughter, preschoolers, friends or colleagues. 

3. The pencil pen grip holder can improve the correct handwriting, which can not only reduce the hand fatigue, but also can help the kids and students to keep a good writing habit for a long time. 

4. The pen pencil grip can fit on the pens, pencils without grips, crayons and other standard size writing instruments. 

5. The product is silicone, the silicone product is non-slip and soft. The pen will not slip from these pencil grips, so you can better control the pen. The soft material can better protect children’s fingers. 

6. These pencil grips for kids handwriting can be used on both left and right hands. 

7. A good pencil grip can correct the writing skills and writing postures for children between 3 and 12 years old, which can reduce the hand fatigue and ensure the maximum comfort for long-term writing, and prevent the fingers from forming old or deformed. 

8. This unique cute pencil gripper, which is an important breakthrough in stationery product area. Ergonomic design for more people use. 

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