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New style portable adjustable book stand holder for kids and students lightweight book stand
The book reading stand holder has adopted the new style book stand holder, which is designed for the students and kids. The book stand holder can not only make the hands free, but also can make one-handed flipping the pages.


The book stand holder has many wonderful features as follows:
1. The book stand holder is made of high quality ABS materials, durable, sturdy and environmentally friendly.
2. The book reading stand holder is portable and foldable, which is very lightweight, so you can take it to anywhere as you like.
3. The book stand holder supports the books and devices, like the magazines, text books, law books, medical books, recipes, mobile phones, ipads, kindles, and so on.
4. The book holder for reading is fit for thr friends, families, students, and coworkers.
5. The foldable book stand is very easy to use, so that it can easily fold and take.
6. The book reading stand holder can adjust 0-180 degree, so you can adjust the reading angles.
The book stand holder is made of blue and white, pink and white colors, which use the bracket to support for reading and studying.
If you want to learn more, please feel free to visit https://www.huaxiangstationery.com/products/9/11/176.html.

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