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Multifunctional blue pink pencil box for kids plastic pencil box pencil box for girls and boys
This multifunctional pencil box is made of plastic, which is non-toxic. The plastic pencil box is just a wonderful gift for the kids and students who love studying and learning.

What are the wonderful advantages of the multifunctional pencil box as follows?
1. The pencil box can hold five pencils, so you can take it to anywhere as you like. If you want to drawing or painting, you can pick up one pencil to draw a picture or photo, or use it doing homework.
2. The multifunctional pencil box also has the slots for storing the erasers or rulers.
3. The pencil box is very different from the other pencil box, which has the special design for holding the stationery.
4. The plastic pencil box is suitable for the girls and boys, which is just a wonderful partner for them.
5. The pencil box has many wonderful colors, like the blue and pink.
6. The pencil box or storage box is durable, so that you can use it for a very long time.
In general, the multifunctional pencil box is just perfect for the offices, schools, teachers, and students.
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