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Multi-functional pen pencil holder footable rotary pen holder desk office storage for home, office
The multi-functional pen pencil holder is perfect for holding the pens, rulers, pencils, pencil knife, scissors, erasers and so on. The pen holder or desk office storage is made of ABS material.

Following are some wonderful features of this multi-functional pen pencil holder footable rotary pen holder as follows:
1. The pen pencil holder is suitable for the people who like storing the pens, pencils, correction tape, ruler, and so on.
2. The desktop rotating pen organizer is made of ABS material, which is very environmental friendly.
3. The office desk pen holder is very ideal for the students, teachers, children, teenages and so on.
4. The stationery storage box has many beautiful colors, like the pink and blue color.
5. The storage box can help the people who want to keep the desk clean and tidy.
6. The pencil box can be divided into several parts for storing the different kinds of things.
If you want to learn more information about the plastic pencil box or pen organizer, please feel free to visit https://www.huaxiangstationery.com/products/23/19/152.html


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