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Multi-function pencil box new pencil bag for primary school students 2021 pencil bag (5 sets)
The pencil box is multi-function, which can not only hold the pencils, but also can hold the ruler and eraser. This pencil bag is suitable for the kids, students and adults for painting and drawing.

There are so many wonderful features of the pencil box or pencil bag as follows:
1. The pencil box is very lightweight to take and use simply in the later studying and learning.
2. The pencil bag can satisfy the needs of the children, which is the popular product recommended by the teachers.
3. The pencil box is distinguished from the other pen pencil bags, because this pencil box has two slots, one is for the eraser, the other is for the ruler.
4. The pencil bag or pencil box can help the students to reduce the burden, which is very convenient to take.
5. The pencil box is specially designed for the primary students, which is very simple and elegant.
6. The pencil bag can make the stationery clean and tidy, and is not easily break the core of the pencils.
So we can concluded that this pencil box or pen bag is very easy to clean and wear - resistant, which is as new as before if you used it later.  
If you want to learn more information, please feel free to visit https://www.huaxiangstationery.com/products/23/19/202.html


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